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Promises Made


The ‘Human Experience’ for each of us will include some sort of emotional suffering, no one is exempt from this regardless of their stature, prestige, distinction, celebrity or importance.

Every one of the 7.6 billion human residents that live on this Earth will experience to some degree challenges which are meant to force them to evolve into a heightened state of consciousness.

From the very rich to the very poor, those who rise from rags to riches, or the very opposite from riches to rags, will be tried and tested to the core of their being, some situation or circumstance will devour them to assist in their Souls development.

Everything that is meant to feel uncomfortable in the way you live your life, will be if you don’t listen to your intuition.

Everything uncomfortable has one goal in mind to teach you and the lesson is to gain conscious awareness to where change will be necessary.

Your intuition which is your direct communication with your Soul will shout at you when your free will loses direction and gets you lost in something that is not going to serve you well.

These times in your life will then be a choice of whether you are ready and courageous enough to listen to your inner voice.

Or will it be your Ego’s decision to decide your fate and if so your unconscious choice will then be made, you will unknowingly surrender to that which will teach you some sort of harsh lesson.

These fateful decisions will not be wrong ones nor will they be mistakes as long as you learn from them and move on.

Anything that is repeated time and time again that causes you suffering will inevitably keep you hostage in the situation, whatever it may be.

Promises made to your Self long ago when you were a child, dreams of the life you wished for in your mature years, they are not meant to be broken.

These dreams may seem to have faded over time and seemingly feel out of reach now, but this does not have to be your destiny, your childhood dreams can come to fruition, there are so many tales of people that have proved this to be true.

Perhaps my own story is an example.

Promises may end up being broken, but instead of regret, anger and depression, make new promises to your Self instead ones that will bring you out of the abyss and into the life you have dreamed about since you were a young and innocent child. 

Much love and devotion

Annanda x