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Physical Purging, Minimalism Of The Body

Physical Purging, Minimalism Of The Body


There is so much controversy over what our physical body really needs to be healthy.

With thousands of diet books to choose from, hundreds of recorded documentaries to view, all offering their advice about what to eat and what not to eat and what with our doctors prescribing medications like the grocery store gives away cookies to kids, it is no wonder us humans get terribly confused about what is the right thing to do when it comes to stocking our shelves and filling our fridges at home.

Even the Canadian Food Guide has been disputed in the recent past, sometimes what is offered up as countrywide advice can become outdated over time, we the people just need to acknowledge it.

So what is best for your body, perhaps you already have a great dietary regime for yourself, a proven menu that works for your flesh, bones, and everything in-between, if this is the case then congratulations to you.

It is no easy feat feeding our vessel in a healthy and pristine way in these so-called modern times.

The problem is we humans tend to put too much of our trust in those who are supposed to stand for something, for example, it’s a given don’t you think that we trust what the grocery franchise owners put on the store shelves for us to buy, we are confident that what is provided for us to purchase is of the best quality and not meant to harm us in any way.

If we can buy it, it must have been safely approved by some governing body, what a sad misconception and what a terrible lie we have been told.

Who knows their physical body and how it works better than you do, no one wouldn’t you agree?

The healthiest way to take care of yourself is to listen to your intuition if your body is feeling tired, rest, if your body is full of an abundance of energy, go for a walk, a run or a bike ride.

If you are craving a certain food, be careful what you choose to eat. Your body will crave sugar if it is food made with sugar that you eat, purging the urge to eat sugar takes time like anything else, but it will be the best illumination you can do for yourself.

Read the labels that are provided for us, sugar in some form is in practically everything and yet sugar is one of the worst ingredients we can consume in our body.

If sugar is what you crave grab a piece of fruit instead or a teaspoon of honey, making some adjustments in the way you nourish your vessel could be life-changing.

Simple adjustments with a little bit of research could add years to your life, not to mention how much the quality of your life could be enhanced as well.

Minimize what you put in your mouth, think twice before you make a choice of what to eat, and take a little more time to love yourself by preparing good food from scratch.

Much love and devotion