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Patience, It Doesn’t Have To Be A Dirty Word

Patience, It Doesn’t Have To Be A Dirty Word


We humans either cringe when we hear the word patience or we rejoice with ease, neither is right or wrong I dare say but what I do know is the road to compromise when it comes to equanimity isn’t always unchallenging.

If you have any fire elements in your birth chart, and most of us do then you know how difficult it has been to come to terms with the concept ‘life needs patience’ whether our Astrology energy allows us to be interchangeable or not.

I’m sure like me when you were a child and your parents used the P word you stomped your feet like an Irish tap dancer perfecting the ‘Riverdance’.

I never understood back when I was growing up how offering up advice that didn’t make any resemblance to my over-enthusiastic nature made any sense at all, it only created more frustration which was completely counteractive.

But again like me, I’m sure you have come to appreciate over time the encouraging counsel your elders recommended, even so, it has been a journey and a lifetime of lessons to finally settle enough to respect what patience has to offer up now.

The turning point on my journey this past several years I believe was when I made a monumental decision that I completely and utterly felt was correct inside and out, only to realize I was totally off the mark. I tried all the tricks to make my wish come true but to no avail.

Of course months later I totally understood why my decision never came to fruition, it was one of the biggest ah-ha moments I had ever witnessed in myself, and from that day forward I have lovingly bonded with patience.

Even as a fiery Aires through and through I find it easy now to calm my energies and my mind well enough to pull out all the stops when I know I need to.

A good long walk or a relaxing Yoga class helps to release the natural born energetic eagerness that arises when a new idea comes from the Soul of the Ram in me.

Patience is the Universes favourite word, so instead of beating your head against a brick wall find peace within yourself knowing there is a magical energy you can rely on as your best and greatest friend who knows exactly what you need when you need it. 

Much love and devotion