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Panic And Anxiety

Panic And Anxiety


There is a pot in the pit of your belly and something is stirring it with a big wooden spoon, the momentum is building as the ladle stimulates the emotionally charged brew with dramatic intensity.

Deep breaths you say to yourself, everything is going to be ok. But you can’t convince yourself that it’s ok, and before you know the rousing inside of you takes over your senses and a feeling of panic is all you know in this moment.

No matter how hard you try to control it, it’s too late your mind has taken over with a power so strong you feel as weak as a newborn baby bird.

Panic and anxiety are a result of the Ego. It takes our internal energies and uses it against us, or so it thinks. I prefer to see anxiousness in a more positive way.

There is no denying that Empaths have a unique supply of vitality, which at times can be overly abundant. While our Soul has been pushing an unhealthy wound energy to the surface, the stagnant potency of the distressful old belief (the wound) has been trying to get your attention by way of increasing the energetic charge inside of you.

It is vitally important once you begin to ‘feel’ this energy in you shifting, you get outside for some physical activity.

A stroll in the woods, a walk on the beach, the quietness and serenity your activity provides you will assist in you being able to tap into your intuitive nature more readily.

When we are able to quiet our Ego mind and be more open to receiving messages from our Soul the more we become privy to what it is our Soul is asking us to pay attention to.

Once we are aware of what the old behaviour is (the wound) then we can begin to release the unpleasant energy attached to it, the emotional energy that is causing the panic.

What is it that begins to stir the pot in the first place, why do panic and anxiety come on so suddenly and out of nowhere? Synchronicity is a beautiful thing because they are divine communications that bring clues to help us put the puzzle pieces together.

Unbeknown to you very likely there has been a wound your Soul has been working you through, behind the scenes sort of speak, to assist in your healing process.

There may be a person in your life that is poking at the wound so as to get your attention. Someone from your past has shown up again, or maybe it is your partner or a long time friend that suddenly starts to get on your nerves, the scenarios can vary for each of us, but the message is, someone or something has been provoking your internal energies and they have been building, just like the pot with the wooden spoon.

Then suddenly the emotional energy has built up such a momentum it needs to let off steam, just like a kettle when it boils, if we are not paying attention to what has been building inside and if we have not been releasing the overabundant energy in some way (exercise or something to relax our mind) it communicates it’s distress to us by way of anxiousness.

Your wound healing energy doesn’t have to cause you to panic or have anxiety, not if you are paying attention to what is happening in your external world to bring focus to your internal world, so you can allow your healing process to flow with ease.

We, humans, are here for one reason, to evolve our Soul.

This is why we go through periods of internal healing, the healing is our personal evolution. 

Much love and devotion