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Our Soul


What is the ‘Soul’, how are we meant to interpret it?

We are our Soul, we are not our physical body. 

The physical vessel is only a means for the Soul to live a human life. 

We come to this Earth to live as a human so we may purify our Souls essence.

Each lifetime we are given a series of challenges, some of which can be harsh, but with each challenge we are meant to use our intuitive nature to solve, learn and grow from the challenge. 

This is the process the Soul needs in order to ascend to higher consciousness.

If we neglect our Soul and we live in an existence ruled by the Ego and our free will, Soul growth can not be achieved.

Each of us, every single human has a Soul, some may find there way back to their connection to their Soul after birth, some will not.  

How are you doing on your journey back to your Soul?