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Our Human Actions

Our Human Actions


The knife in the kitchen we use for cutting up vegetables is sharp, occasionally it slips off that awkwardly shaped carrot, unfortunately, our finger gets in the way and we end up with stitches.

When our physical body is wounded we endure pain, but our pain can be easily remedied with drugs so we don’t have to suffer, most times the pain is eased with medication, even the worst headache can be stifled with something the Doctor prescribes.

What about emotional pain, sure there are drugs for that as well, but our internal emotional pain doesn’t react the same way as our physical vessel does to a wound.

Our flesh and bones heal on their own, all that is usually required is rest and temporary pain medication for a period of time.

Emotional agony doesn’t heal by its self, and no medication will take whatever it is that is tormenting you away, it will only mask the symptoms so you don’t have to feel your sorrow and grief, a temporary solution at best but not a means to solve the inner torture for good.

At one time or another in our life, each one of us has suffered some sort of psychological emotional upset, it is a fact, simply because it is the only way to release away from the unhealthy energies we store inside of us.

Our emotional suffering allows us to process and move through the damage that has occurred in our Soul.

Our human actions, in other words, particular decisions we have made in our life will later on if we become conscious enough cause us to emotionally react with what feels like a war inside of us. So much of what we have learned throughout our life unconsciously, at some point, we are meant to undo.

When we make an agreement with our Soul to take on the task of healing our Spirit we embark on a Spiritual quest to end our suffering.

No medication is required when you sign up with the Universe to heal because everything you need to do the job with due diligence is provided for you in your inner toolbox.

What is required is courage and faith, something that each of us is born with. I agree that each human has a varying degree of bravery, not everyone can be as brave as another, but somewhere inside of you there is fearlessness and if you are patient enough there will be no reason for you to be afraid any longer.

Trust your Self. 

Much love and devotion