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Our Flesh And Bones

Our Flesh And Bones


What a beating our physical body endures, we really should take better care of it.

I don’t think we realize the damage we do each and every day to the vessel that creates our human form and allows us to fulfill this incarnation.

It is within our flesh and bones we receive messages to where we need to emotionally heal. Every ache and pain is associated with some kind of emotional wounding inside of us that needs our attention.

Inside of our physical vessel is a vast array of energy centres, when everything is working harmoniously the energy within us is flowing like a stream after a day of heavy rain.

When our internal energies get dislodged in a particular area our physical body reacts with pain and discomfort, there will be symptoms of some kind to get your attention with the hopes you will heed the warnings and spiritually take a good look at your karmic lessons.

If you are unconscious to the signs and signals from the Universe then over time an illness may occur.

For some humans a dire illness or disease is the only way for the Universe to get our attention, there has to be a shock of some sort to wake us up to where we are not taking good enough care of our Soul.

Our flesh and bones can withstand a 1000 beatings, each unique part of our skeleton including our internal anatomy works very hard each and every minute of every day we are alive to house the Soul of who we are.

Our body is simply the conduit which allows us to expand and elevate our Spirit, it the channel which permits a human life form so we may experience karma for the sole purpose of emotionally and intellectually advancing the identity of our Soul.

Perhaps we all need to listen more carefully to our physical body, after all it offers up clues and messages to where we are not getting to the work we came here to do, spiritually speaking.

Don’t ignore your aches and pains see them as an opportunity to heal emotionally, often when we engage in our Souls work our physical body heals itself. 

Much love and devotion