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Our Deepest Fears

Our Deepest Fears


Our most believable fears, these are the fears which create a disturbance in our mind that often cause us to suffer in some form or another.

From constant anxiety to disturbing depressions all because of the turbulence our fears cause us, these are the fears that are so deeply entrenched in our psyche, most often they are unshakable and the suffering we endure is constant.

The fears we experience are because of deeply ingrained stories which have been absorbed by our Ego mind, each of the anecdotes is versions of other peoples persona’s and because of these peoples influence, we have adopted their narratives as our own.

Everyone in our life thus far has a tale to tell of which we must believe, our parents handed down to us their fears, our friends have done the same, our Teachers tutored us from an Educational Program, a modern school system invented in 1837.

Education is an organized curriculum of basic content and one which decides if we are as smart as the standard guidelines or not, grossly outdated to say the least.

Fear is the environment in which we were raised, fear never leaves us and into our adulthood, our fears grow and become more and more alive, how are we to release our fears when there is so much going on in this world to remind us to be fearful?

The healing starts by adopting new beliefs, what have you learned from other people and places that no longer satisfy the way you want to live your life now?

Are you tired of constantly thinking you are not enough, when the truth is you are, are you exhausted from playing roles with people when you know the core of who you are is no actor?

What does realism mean to you, maybe it is time to see a situation in your life as accurately as it is, perhaps your intuition has been whispering to you for a long time in regards to the truthfulness of your circumstances?

Fear is nothing more than a misinterpretation and a misconception of who you are as a human being. So much of what we ‘think’ is a gross and blatant mistaken identity of our Self, but it is we who need to take responsibility for the undisguised and undeniable pain our fears cause us.

My question to you is, when is enough enough, where do you see your finish line, take your Ego hostage to kidnap the prisoner and detain your fearful thoughts, so you can begin to undo what has caused you to suffer for long enough and that which has held you hostage from your hopes and wishes for far too long.  

Much love and devotion