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Our Collective Growth Spurt

Our Collective Growth Spurt


Don’t resist what will eventually be inevitable, we are all being summoned to evolve at this time, you chose to be here for this to make the best of it.

The world as we know it is becoming different, subtle movements are happening in every corner of our globe, it’s easy for me to feel its energy speaks a thousand languages.

The ideas that push you back into old ways and old patterns of doing and thinking, these shoves come from the hand of your Ego, the idea of being in a state of fear over anything makes us rigid but this type of living as a human is subject to change and it’s coming whether we want it or not.

Each one of us is being jolted out of our unconscious sleep, for some, it will be a gentle awakening opening one eye at a time voluntarily.

For other humans the shake-up will be abrupt and rough, perhaps an illness or a sudden loss will be the catalyst for their kundalini awakening.

Don’t allow your free will to supersede the voice of your intuition if you are feeling the rumble trying to get your attention to some detail of your life which needs a makeover, put words into action before the Universe does it for you.

I know personally from this kind of experience, I refused to listen to my gut feelings because of an over-enthusiastic, very stubborn and know it all attitude of willpower, to my own detriment I was not willing to do something about all the wrongs in my life I unconsciously settled for what was and accepted it.

My non-action turned out to be a  terrible idea, it ticked off the Universe royally and so when I got my jolt it was profound and extreme.

What happened, in the end, was, of course, a blessing, I only wish now I had been able to see what I needed to see without the Universe jolting me with that bolt of lightening it sent to wake me up.

What makes you fearful is a delusion, since you were born you have received thousands of messages all of which you have absorbed into your psyche, a great many of those messages planted untruths about who you are, your work at this time is to begin the great undoing.

The time has come to filter through those messages and discard the ones that are of no good service for your Soul. I have great faith in your abilities to trust yourself, double that faith by trusting yourself too.

Much love and devotion