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One Day…..

One Day…..


One day you will share what you have overcome with someone who will be truly inspired.

This person you inspire will go on to do great things, because of you.

This is what an Empaths purpose is, to be a humanitarian.

A simple smile can be infectious with the right people.

It is so important to find your Tribe, it may not be a big Tribe, it may only be a handful of people, but they will be your people. 

People who share the same heart as you do, the same values and the same empathetic nature. 

Stay away from those who do not share your integrity, for they will only try their hardest to crush your Soul. 

Give yourself permission to understand that not every human is like you, not every being shares the same compassionate heart, give yourself permission to distance yourself from those who are not like you.

The greatest lesson for an Empath is to understand boundaries and place them in order for the good of your Soul.