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Once You Make A Decision, What Next?

Once You Make A Decision, What Next?


There has been a decision lurking behind in the shadows for quite some time, for months maybe years you have been sitting on an idea like a mother bird quietly and patiently broods her newly hatched egg.

The Universe has been providing synchronicity to lend a hand, time and time again each event has built your courage closer to finally making your decision now possible.

At present, you must be stronger than you have been before.

Unconsciously long ago you planted seeds of intentions inside of your Soul, at the time each seed represented a hope, a wish and a dream of what you want for your future, now is the time for those seeds to come alive.

At present there is a garden blossoming inside of you, Spring has sprung from your bravery, your Soul has never felt so vibrant and your internal energies are nurturing this new found determination in you.

Once the decision is made there is no turning back, leaving what you once treasured with all of your heart has grown olden in comparison to your current consciousness. What will need your effort now to accomplish your goal, will be to trust your decision, without any doubts.

It will most certainly be a time for your Ego to feel empowered, change is afoot and your thoughts will begin to devour your fearlessness until there is not a crumb left.

Build your endurance to fight your mind use all of your staying power to stay focused on tending to your blossoming garden, let the vibrant colours of your Soul continue to expand with exuberant determination.

The time is here now in the present everything is as the Universe see’s it to be, trust your intuition trust the sweet and delicate flowering that is happening inside of your Spirit. No need to be afraid, you have been waiting for this time for longer than you know.

Each incarnation has been asking for this work from you, there is so much to be thankful for. 

Much love and devotion