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Never Discount The Weird And Unusual

Never Discount The Weird And Unusual


It’s never a bad thing, to think outside of our contained Ego mind.

I feel we miss out on some really interesting experiences, all because of how we have been raised to think, feel and judge.

Almost always we filter our experiences through fear which limits our expressions of the World, our Species and what else might be ‘out there’ in our Galaxy and beyond.

There is no shortage of the supernatural, the unearthly and outer worldly if you are not scared of it. Here at Annanda I have experienced some pretty crazy stuff, mostly through my energy work.

I honestly think I am some kind of magnet for the weird and unusual. I started attracting strange and unconventional experiences to myself when I was a young child, so there isn’t much that rattles or surprises me.

Although I must admit when I was old enough to realize there was definitely something weird about me, I became deathly afraid of the dark.

If I was in a space where I couldn’t focus my eyes on something, I panicked, hence I slept with a light on up until just a few years ago.

I am no longer afraid of the dark or anything else that might lurk around in it because I know there are more than just us humans that roam our earth and our skies, I’ve had too many uncanny experiences to discount that fact.

But what’s to be scared off, it is only our Ego mind that likes to freak us out about anything which might be mysterious, creepy or abnormal? It is ignorant I feel to believe we are it, there isn’t anything else just us, how boring and how untrue.

Everything is energy, everything here on earth is manipulated by energy, we are energy and it is through this belief we are able to manifest what we want to achieve in this life experience.

Everything you need is inside of you, you are already that which you desire to be, your work is to discover it, come to know it and appreciate it.

With this knowledge, you can create a new reality aside from your current one. Definitely, something to think about isn’t it, at least I hope you will! 

Much love and devotion