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Moments of Joy

Moments of Joy


Moments of pure, simple and unembellished exhilaration leave us with a feeling of great pleasure that is felt from our Soul.

There is no greater gift to receive, than that little feeling of new born butterflies in your heart. Bliss is a euphoria that we never seem to experience enough of in our life.

It is a constant wonder why we disallow ourselves the ecstasy of natural joyfulness, especially when it can be so addictive. Some of us may be quite reserved in our demeanour and yet others have no trouble at all expressing themselves to the world. Either case, not all of what we confide or express is about happiness.

Pleasurable moments that truly and authentically allow us the privilege of being in a state of authentic happiness, are a gift granted to us from the depths of our being.

This kind of special satisfaction doesn’t come from external measures, a new pair of shoes or an expensive purchase only brings with it a temporary sort of delightful feeling, anything that we buy, regardless of what it is usually won’t grant us the same feeling that I am referring to.

Maybe we could say pure jollity grants us the same sentiment we might experience if we were to sway high in a swing or move fast down a long slide, there is something really profound that happens to our insides.

It is often referred to as ‘the butterflies’, there is a certain wonderful fluttering that happens and it oscillates throughout our body in the most epic way.

The feeling is sublime and magnificent, so much so that we crave for the next experience, like we crave for our favourite flavour of ice-cream. Joy is something we don’t allow ourselves the pleasure of enough, maybe it is because we miss it when it comes our way.

It is very easy to be constantly distracted by our conditioned behaviours, life is about obligations, commitments and responsibility, this is how we have been trained to think, but life has to be about something more than this as well.

Moments of joy are a gift, to help us understand that life doesn’t always have to be taken so seriously.

A very wise sage once said, ‘laughter is the best medicine’, and it very well indeed is.

May You Find Truth