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Mind My Own Business

Mind My Own Business


MMOB, I don’t say speak this acronym with any ill or negative attributes, I simply want to bring to your attention what I think might be a very valuable and life-changing observation, it could very well be one that you might consider practising.

When does a situation become our business, contemplate this question deeply, don’t deliberate with your Ego, because it will only want to distort your thoughts and likely only want to ignite drama into your answer?

Any situation that arises in our life, whether it relates to a person, place or thing, we must ask ourself, ‘does getting involved serve a meaningful purpose for me, or should I stay the heck out of it’! I have a philosophy I live by, and it has proved to serve me well.

I feel it is important that we take responsibility for all of the situations that arise in our everyday life.

Whomever and whatever the case may be when a circumstance shows up, whether we are sited as the main character or just an innocent bystander, I know without a doubt that there is something in it for me.

Not for a notable gain of any sort, but for me to learn something from whatever it is that is taking place.

If someone says something to me, directly or indirectly that bothers me, I immediately ask myself, how much of this ‘stuff’ do I want to get involved in?

When someone says something to us that causes us to react inside, what the person said, I believe is ‘none of my business’.

If their words are derogatory and negative, their feelings are coming from a place that is hurting inside of them, it really and truly has nothing to do with me.

There is however a gift this person has offered up to me and it is for me to recognize where I am still holding onto my own hurt, so I can get to the task of healing it once and for all.

When words come out that cause us to emotionally react, it is up to us to pay close attention to what our negative responses are because it is in this place of ourself where we are holding onto something from our past that no longer serves us in any way.

Adopting and understanding this outlook has helped me to change who I am.

I have learned to mind my own business, and not get involved in another persons dramatic attributes.

The reality is, if you want to change the way your mind works, shifting it from a negative approach to just about everything (which is only our Ego performing drama) to something more positive, you have to fully embrace a new attitude.

How we view everything typically boils down to what our Ego has to say about it, but if we start to recognize this perspective, we can do something about it. 

Stay out of what doesn’t concern you, view only what your intuition is asking you to pay attention to as valuable and constructive.

Try a different approach by not getting involved, then wait and see what happens, this might become a very freeing new approach for you to incorporate into your life. 


May You Find Truth