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Mere Mortals

Mere Mortals


We are less than 20 percent human and more than 80 percent a nonphysical soul.

The seat of our emotions and the authentic character of who we are is the representation of our soul.

What you feel inside is you, what you think and more often than not how you behave is your ego.

Our mind is filled with messages received throughout our life based on other peoples opinions of who we are, how we should live, how we should act and what we owe other people.

What is the cause for your human existence, what explanation do you personally give yourself to answer this question?

Rationally speaking there must have been a time in your life when you have pondered your very existence, why so many challenges, why so much loss and suffering, why not matter how hard I try am I not happy, why does money rule my life and why do I stress so much, these are all valid questions. We are perishable, this human life is brief, so much of our importance is mislead and deludes the real reason for our time here in this life experience.

It is a shame so many humans are tricked by their imposing and misleading ego-mind into thinking their importance is the foundation of their material wealth, what they own and their status in the world.

Beneath the veil of this disguise is a soul who’s patience is of a saint, a soul never gives up on the mere mortal, its waiting time never runs out until the heartbeat is lost.

Your soul is in constant motion like the propeller of a high-speed watercraft exerting force to move you forward into your spiritual labour.

Think twice about your life, think outside the box you have been living in for many a year, after all the walls are damaged and the floor is rotting, it clearly is time to move on.

If you are empathic and you know you are don’t be afraid of your shadow any longer, the silhouette you see in the light of the sun is your soul, it is taller than you, wider than you and more than ready to accompany you down a new path.

We are nothing more than mere mortals here for one purpose only to evolve our soul so we may step into our divine purpose, we forget we as a collective are all in this mess together and it will take all of us to clean it up.

Much love and devotion