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Making The Right Choices

Making The Right Choices


Regret or resilience, fear or courage, these words are the sums of what we all struggle with in our everyday live’s.

For more than half of our awake time in our day, we are faced with choices, many of the decisions we make to satisfy these choices are based on fear.

Woe is the Ego, so is fear and regret. Our mind tells us ‘not to’ or ‘we should do’, the should do’s by the way usually contain a massive amount of drama constructed by the Ego, mostly to make a mess of things.

Wisdom on the other hand, along with resilience and courage, come from the natural place within us that knows instinctively what is good for us and what is not.

No drama comes from this natural instinctive place inside of us, its work is to induce peace and harmony, which is the very opposite of fear.

The biggest choice we face each day is whether we will tap into our spiritual wisdom, or will we choose worry and distress.

Spiritual wisdom is the progress from the unhealthy choices that we have made in our life. The rule is we are meant to learn from our not so great decisions, so we may grow and evolve, this is how we gain spiritual insight.

This wisdom we store inside of us is the place we need to visit should we be faced with a decision or a time when it is necessary to resolve or commit to something.

Overwhelm that causes us discomfort whatever the situation, will likely force you to impulsively choose with emotional fear.

The key here is to take a step back and away from the situation instead of leaning in, once you lean in you are hooked.

Stepping back gives space for the fear to pass through you, this space will grant you enough time to check in with your intuition, and therefore will allow you to make a choice based on your wisdom and not the opposite of such, which is the Ego.

None of us was born to perfect the system of always making the right choices, but as we spiritually mature (we all progress at this in a variety of stages and ages), it does become easier to trust our intuition, so we may move away from falling into the wrath of the ego ways, a little bit less.


May You Find Truth