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Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love


We all have a ton of love to go around, but why is it so hard for us to love the one that is most important – ourselves?

When we come to this earth, love is all we know. Then, over time, one day at a time, it seems that love is stripped away from us, slowly and methodically.
The programming of our minds begins from the day of our birth. Everyone around us has something to tell us.

They think they are helping us, protecting us and keeping us safe from the world. But a lot of their words are making us fearful.

These fears help to grow our Ego, and our Soul seems to shy away. Over time we loose sight of who we are.

Everyone else’s opinions, ideas and beliefs become more powerful than our own.
Before we know it, we are caught in a web of someone else’s truth. The conditioning of our mind is a slow process.

So slow and elusive, we barely notice what is happening to us. We may get a ‘feeling’ now and again that something just isn’t right, but we ignore it, our Ego tells us not to worry, everything is ok.

Then suddenly we begin to experience synchronic events. We may have noticed them before, but not paid much attention to their meanings.

This time we are ready to attract the awareness. So begins the process of our Souls growth and the connection to our own inner love. The return to the truth of ourselves.

Be patient with this process, be kind to yourself and trust what is happening.

It is something very wonderful.