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Live Or Die


Life is something we choose in spirit before we are born, death may be something we fight to avoid but it is inevitable.

What many humans cease to understand is death is not the end, it is the being of a new existence. What comes to its timely end is our physical vessel, the Soul of who we are lives on.

Aging of the physical body is a process to which I have observed no rhyme or reason, some humans abuse their vessel and live a ripe old age, while others struggle to stay healthy doing everything in their power to take care of their flesh and bones.

It is the energy of our spirit and the reason for its incarnation that holds the key to the blueprint locked inside of our soul the map that we must learn to navigate for the success of our earthly life experiences.

Some of which will be brief, momentary visits not only for our own soul but for those who love us as well.

Karma is a Sanskrit word for action, it is equivalent to Newton’s law of ‘every action must have a reaction’, do you believe everything happens for a reason, and for the spiritual good of every soul involved?

What about people who decide to leave this earthly existence by their own free will, must we label their behaviour or can we simply just say they had enough?

Are the spiritual consequences of our losses meant to assist us in our own soul’s growth? Surely we are not meant to be persuaded to support guilt inside of our hearts because of someone else’s choices!

Living a humans life is a struggle of constant challenges, if we do not learn and become conscious from that which summons us to grow then the universe will invite another challenge, and another, and another until it cracks us open.

Resistance is what humans do so well, but it is in the fight to energetically stand still and opposite that you do the most damage to your self.

Each challenge can wear you down or bring you new life force energy, the choice is yours, but we should not label and condemn those who have been worn so terribly they finish early, death is not the end, death is the beginning of something new.

The price of peacefulness is different for all, let us respect the choices some humans make. 

Much love and devotion