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Who Are You Walking On This Earth As?

Who Are You Walking On This Earth As?


What path guides the way of your Soul, are you walking comfortably in your skin or do you feel conflicted and uneasy in your day to day existence?

Our world is not an easy place to reside, there are many that suffer unnecessarily feeling they don’t belong.

Perhaps the truth is some of us don’t align with a specific category, we are strangers to this earth, and maybe we don’t belong here.

But we are here and we must honour our journey and travel skilfully until our end.

Often the Universe will take us to the most unlikely places with one goal in mind,  to align us with a Soul so much like our own.

The coming together of two Souls that share a unique kinship is a special gift indeed. It often signifies that change may be necessary, a shift in perception or a life-altering decision that cannot wait any longer.

Regardless, the reason for the union it is not to be ignored, the Universe is a trusted and reliable source, it never falters with its guidance to help us in our quest.

Who are you walking on this earth, are you actively engaged in your search for the answers? The mystery of life may puzzle you, after all, we are a part of an enigma, no two riddles are the same, and most often our life is nothing but a question mark, quandary to what you think isn’t what you are meant to feel.

As difficult as you are to understand, never deny your Self a reason to solve any problem, because that is why you are here, to unravel, decipher and decode your Soul so you can walk comfortably with no inhibitions, with two feet firmly rooted in this earth, for the time you are here.

Never give up on your spiritual voyage, venture into the unknown, search and wonder if you have to, hunt for the answers to your existence in all corners of the world.

I will hold your hand every step of the way, I know what it’s like to be lost, but sometimes lost is a humans best friend. 

Much love and devotion