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Listen to Your Voice

Listen to Your Voice


I’m not taking about the voice you hear under your scalp, that dreadful chitter chatter that keeps you awake at night, the incessant and relentless noise which we all know as the voice of our continuous and unending Ego.

The Ego is the voice which lectures us, and one that we should pay little or no attention to, at least ninety nine percent of the time.

The voice I am referring to is the subtle whisper we often hear somewhere else inside of us. This sound or sensation, as it often referred as, is the speaker of champions and always has our best interest in mind.

Why wouldn’t you want to listen to the impressionable feelings inside of you that are there for the better of your betterment? When you are courageous enough to act on your intuitive or your gut feelings, you will find that vital improvements to your life were right there on the horizon, the whole time you had been waiting.

The intuitive nature within all of us needs training, just like an athlete training for the olympics, it takes stamina, faith, practice and resistance. Resisting resistance mostly from what works not in favour of our Intuition, but against it – we must learn how to resist our Ego mind.

For example, that ugly voice that tags along with us when we visit the mirror to check in. Yes that nasty no-good-for-anything voice that tells us everything that we don’t want to hear, the one that lies about what it really see’s in the mirror when you are staring in it.

There is so much to learn about our intuitive voice and how to trust when it speaks to us. Learning how to really listen is the first step. Recognizing how the good voice (the Soul) makes you feel, and how the ugly voice (the Ego) also makes you feel, understanding the difference between the two is vital.

Why not make this a mission, a mission to find out the differences between the Soul and the Ego. What about signing up for a 6 week course (to start), you are not only the Professor but the student as well. Include homework in your course – reading and writing, journal what your findings are as you go along.

Note any synchronistic events that catch your attention. A good way to practice your assignments is to walk in nature or engage in something creative, keep it simple so you don’t have any reason to get frustrated.

Check in with your Mentor or a close friend that you trust so you can talk about your homework. Most of all have fun, after all this time is for ‘you’, a chance to get a little closer to being able to listen to the voice of your Soul and ultimately improve your life on so many levels. 

Good luck and be the best student you can be – for you.