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Medical science in the western world is known to us all. It is the science of dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention and treatment of disease, often with the use of various medicines. At some time or another in our life we have visited with our Doctor for a prescription or two, to help with an alignment or a symptom. I also believe very strongly in another science. It is often referred to as ‘the secret science’, because unless you take an interest it isn’t something that is referred or given much reference to by many western doctors, therefore we never hear about what it has to offer.

The secret science is all about healing what is broken or unwell in a more natural and holistic way. Shamanism is one way in which this can be done. It has been practiced in the East for hundreds of years. Different forms of Shamanism are found around the world. Many shamans have expert knowledge of the plant life in their area, and a herbal regimine is often perscribed as treatment to help cure a patient.

A special diet of plants, herbs and often flowers are digested instead of prescription medicine to bring physical wellness back to the patient. But there is more to healing the ‘natural’ way than with what we put in our mouths to nourish ourselves. I believe without a doubt that it is important, so important in fact, that we also take our emotional health as seriously as we do our physical health if we really want to ‘get better’.

Spiritual being remedies I know with confidence, are found within us and can not be written on a prescription note pad at the doctors office.

There are many, many incredible books written about radical remissions, real people who have recovered from serious illness’s and avoided death by getting to the root of the problem that lies within. The emotional and mental soul of our body.

There is so much detail in these publications that we all should explore. A great deal of wisdom to be gained to help us be and stay healthy. Next time you visit a book store, have a look for something that you might not typically buy – a really good book about healing emotionally. We all came to this Earth, this time around, with work to do on ourselves.

This is why you are journeying here.