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Learning Reiki


What is Reiki? 

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

I have been practising Reiki at Annanda for clients for nearly a decade. In all of those years, I have seen clients, men and women benefit in many many ways. 

I myself benefited from Reiki Healings during my illness back in 2014. 

Reiki not only benefits people but animals as well. 

I have had many students take my Reiki Course who work with animals, Veterinarians, Animal Therapy Healers, Kennel owners, Horse owners and many more. 

If you are interested in learning Reiki, for yourself or to start a business please contact me through this website. 

I am offering my next Reiki Training Course in September 2019.