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Keep Calm, Start A Farm

Keep Calm, Start A Farm


Why not start a farm?

Even if it’s just a few tomato plants to start ūüôā

I think it’s a matter of necessity these days to grow some of your own food.¬†

Food you know is healthy and has the very best of nutrients.

Not everyone has the space to have a full grown veggie garden but even with only a balcony to connect you to the outdoors, you can plant a few pots full of vegetables you can grow on your own. 

With all the controversy around what is in our food these days, how farmers are having to raise the meat we eat (I’m vegetarian btw), we should be more cautious about what we are putting in our mouths and asking our¬†bodies to absorb.¬†

There are some good Organic Seeds you can buy from reputable companies online, don’t grow anything from GMO seeds, it would defeat the purpose of you wanting to plant and grow healthy.

Happy growing, and stay calm, veggie gardening isn’t that difficult. I’ve been doing it for over 20 years.

Much love