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It’s Ok To Feel Old Feelings

It’s Ok To Feel Old Feelings


Life takes us through many twists and turns, there will be no shortage of ups and downs, highs and lows as we walk our path as a human being.

Two steps forward one step back, so much of what we do is supported by this little phrase, the Universe seems to work within these coordinates as well taking us back to revisit the times of old.

There is so much of our past that is painful, each one of us has had some big hurts, even the little stuff that caused us to pain has influenced who we are today.

It’s ok to feel old feelings, it’s ok to re-live a situation you thought you outgrew. It’s ok to lose sight of how far you have come and how fast.

That is often part of the healing process.

Our past reminds us of who we have become, a time of reflection so we may have a better understanding of what we have accomplished in our Souls growth.

We can not erase our history but we can rewrite it for our self and for generations to come, if we are able to embrace the courage to conquer our karmic lessons in this life experience, there will be an inspiration in our fearlessness for many others.

Let there be no other gift greater than the one that may assist in the evolution of another Soul, honour your role on this earth and allow this to be the driving force behind the truth of who you are.

As humans, it is second nature to know what world validation looks like, our external life with all the trimmings but it takes time to recognize and appreciate the achievements made in your inner life, may this be where you place your attention going forward.

The full moons remind us of how emotional we are, without this heavenly influence would you remember on your own?

When your Soul pulls you back to a memory as painful as can be don’t run away, instead weep until the discomfort is gone, it is the most satisfying therapy there is. 

Much love and devotion