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It’s Ok To Be Different

It’s Ok To Be Different


The world we live in can teach us how to be small, but if it is a big life we are meant to lead then we must. 

It is difficult to feel different, trying to fit in is no easy task.

When everything inside of you is shouting, ‘just be yourself, just be you’, the messages can be so conflicting, with what we have been taught to be. 

But no matter what you must learn to trust your inner feelings, it is the only way for you to be comfortable with who you are, authentically. 

If you are reading this then it is very likely you are an Empath, and so no wonder you feel out of place :), especially in this world where the energy is often so heavy.

No matter the conflicts that swirl around your head, trust what your Soul is speaking to you. Be comfortable being different, you are not meant to be like anyone else. 

You are a gift to humanity.