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It’s Not What We Don’t Do, It’s What We Do That Hurts Us!

It’s Not What We Don’t Do, It’s What We Do That Hurts Us!


Most people say, ‘it’s what we don’t do’ that keeps us from being happy, but I say it’s the opposite, ‘it is what we are constantly good at doing’, which keeps happiness never in our lap but always around the corner somewhere out of sight.

You see the thing about being happy is so misconstrued, mostly because humans aren’t really even sure what it actually feels like, never mind being able to describe it, asking someone to narrate what happiness is can be the most awkward of conversations.

Most often the state of being happy is explained in a future tense, not too often will anyone give you an account of past happiness, and more often than not will someone relate to happiness in present-day terms.

Contentment is something we seem to always want to look forward to, ‘I can’t wait for…….then I’ll be happy’!

Each and every day there are little gladness moments which show up for us, but what do we do, we miss out because we are too busy thinking about what will make us happy tomorrow.

Our Ego isn’t one to laugh out loud all too often, our Egos enjoyment is to keep us caught up in thoughts of how life is wearisome and such a struggle at times.

It’s difficult to allow our happy juices to flow through our veins when our thoughts don’t line up to open those floodgates.

Happiness like any other emotion is a state of mind, pushing the Ego out of the way to allow your Self to feel something other than what you are usually thinking, takes stamina and practice.

Becoming aware of your thoughts ultimately is what will bring resolution to your queries about happiness and where to find it.

Opportunities to feel pleasure, joy, delight and blessed is commonplace, your belief to feel this way is only a matter of choice.

Not every situation that arises can we turn around and make it positive at the moment, sometimes things happen that leave us in such distress and dismay.

Life has its way of testing us and the state of happiness is often our biggest test of all.

It is so often not what we aren’t doing but what we are doing that keeps us from feeling what we humans desire and pray for the most, simply to be happy. 

Wishing you a mind free day. 

Much love and devotion