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It’s Just A Number

It’s Just A Number


We, humans, fret more about that one day of the year which defines our age than any other day. 

On the day you were born the Angels sang and each year on your Birthday they sing again for you, loud enough for you to hear them if you listen closely enough. 

Our Guardian Angel pays little or no attention to the number attached to the day of our birth, every year that passes by she whispers to herself how proud she is of our work here on Earth. 

Our Mother Angel guards over us no matter how old we are, her arms never falter in their love so tightly wrapped around the body of our Soul. 

She is constantly assisting us in our higher learning. 

Age has no meaning in the land of Spirit, time is not a measure of anything, what’s more, important is how we celebrate our wisdom, and the love we hold dear for our self and others. 

No matter what spot you are currently holding on the calendar of life, remember it is just a number! Every day is a day to be celebrated royally, to be here on this planet as a human is a privilege indeed. 

Perhaps instead of the fret or anguish, you might feel on your birthday turn the energy around and bask in the glory of who you are, where you have come and what challenges you have fought like a Warrior. 

How you have lived your life thus far is what should be celebrated and instead of focusing your energies on the arithmetic and the counting, continue to make calculations for what you still dream about, what goals are still left untouched and how worthy you are of all that you desire. 

Age is the length of time a person has lived, it is a distinct period of history about your self this far, how do you want your biography to look going forward? 

Age is a beautiful thing, because the little lines in your face and the wrinkles in your hands tell a story, a beautiful story about your time here on Earth in this life experience. 

Some of what you have endured will be written with sorrow and emotion, tears may stain the paper, but there will be a great many chapters of memories beautifully handwritten with the smile of a pencil. What is to come next, how will you love yourself going forward, it doesn’t matter how old you are, wisdom will come. 

Much love and devotion