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It’s Just A Hunch

It’s Just A Hunch


‘It’s just a hunch’, I said to the woman standing beside me, ‘I just feel like it is the right thing to do’, I added, ‘but it’s a big decision you’re making, are you sure you want to make it just on a feeling’, the woman said to me looking completely puzzled? 

When you trust your intuition there are no questions to ask, not to anyone, including yourself, when it comes to making decisions for your life, even decisions that will be forever life-changing, whatever you decide based on your gut feeling it will absolutely be the right thing to do. 

Our intuition never lies to us, our intuitive nature is meant to come as natural as our lungs know they need air to survive. 

We are born with our 6th sense, but it’s a fact that over time we get brainwashed with messages that distort our inner truth. 

The messages we receive come from many sources in our outer world. 

Unfortunately, the world in which we live is driven predominately by fear, which is the reason our Ego mind became more dominant than our intuitive senses.

It’s a long journey we must take to come home to our Self, first, we must recognize that area’s of our life are out of balance, then we must begin to become aware of our Ego and the relationship we have with its thoughts. 

Next, we must prompt our heart to heal from the wounds that have kept us in our fears. 

The process of our evolution will involve some sort of spiritual analysis, this is a beautiful way of connecting to our Soul, the part of us that has been forgotten. 

All the while we are taking spiritual action, our Ego becomes weaker and our Soul’s voice becomes stronger, this then becomes the reason why acting only on a hunch sometimes is by far the best advice you will ever receive. 

Move towards the deep inner healing your Soul requires of you, don’t be afraid of what you might hear from the unfathomable place within you, whatever it is, you have all the courage you need to grow away from what does not benefit you in your life. 

You are not meant to suffer all your days, happiness was always part of the equation too.

Much love and devotion