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Is There A Spiritual Messenger?

Is There A Spiritual Messenger?


My gut feeling was telling me one thing and yet my mind was telling me something quite the opposite, which inner voice do I trust?

Intuitive feelings are subtle, devoid of any drama or anxious notions, when our Soul speaks it does so with an ‘all knowing’ sensation.

Our Ego mind tries forcefully to manipulate using old impulsive patterns of behaviours to convince us in our decision making.

Our old habits and our old ways of doing things are our best course of action in making any decision or so our Ego decides and often dictates.

Thankfully we have synchronicity to assist us in understanding any situation or circumstance, nothing is ever just by chance, everything that happens to us holds a valuable message within it.

Understanding the value of the message and trusting the contents is the challenge for all of us. Messages from a higher source are simultaneousness to our internal desire for resolve, it is when we are most stressed or worried about a situation that our Soul naturally comes alive to assist us in bringing peace to our concerns.

Meaningful coincidences are events that come together with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related, when this happens it is because our spiritual messenger has just delivered a message by way of synchronicity.

Those who are intuitively aware will be more apt and open to receiving and inviting their spiritual messenger and trusting the energies that it shows up with.

What I have learned I feel is most valuable on my journey is it is necessary to eventually let go of trying to control any outcome of any situation, it becomes mandatory (when you are emotionally ready) to throw your arms into the air and put your trust in a power greater than yourself.

More often than not what is the most endearing to us is available if we would just stop and listen and pay attention to what our spiritual messenger is offering us to help navigate our lives in the way we so desire, in other words, let go and let your Soul be in charge. 

Much love and devotion