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Is It Truth or Blame?

Is It Truth or Blame?


Some humans have no trouble speaking their mind, the question might be what is it they are saying to you? 

Is it words to unload their fears, place blame, question your purpose in their life, or other nonsense they are not spiritually mature enough take responsibility for? 

It seems the term ‘speaking our truth’ is a little overrated and has been completely misconstrued and miscomprehended by those who lack integrity. 

There are a variety of humans who interpret the word truth with seemingly many different evaluations. 

It is within my personal belief that in order to express the truth of anything it must come from a place of compassion and sincerity, words which are spoken with authentic realism are the real truth.  

Expressions from a Soul who has been cleansed of inaccurate evaluations based on Ego beliefs and limited conditioning will understand how truth is spoken. 

In other words, speaking ‘the truth’ is a privilege which is earned by a tremendous degree of hard internal Soul work. 

Honesty that is of positive service is something that involves prolonged training, deep internal observations must be understood and identified. 

A necessary karmic cycle must be experienced, and this deep internal process will be what eliminates negative thought patterns arranged methodically by the Ego mind. 

How can you be held accountable for speaking your truth if you are not able to identify with your Ego voice and the negativity it feeds upon?  

Words are abundant in any dictionary in any language, words which allow us to authentically express our Self to another, whatever the circumstance your words should be chosen carefully because when they are you can be sure what you say comes from your Soul and not your Ego mind. 

A person’s moral and emotional nature expressed to another persons Soul is the only natural law of truth. 

Much love and devotion