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Is It Shadow Time For You?

Is It Shadow Time For You?


There is something about our Shadow that fascinates us, from the age of a small child we begin to recognize and play with the reflection of our Self.

If the sun is shining on our physical body at the correct and perfect angle, there we are a lovely shade of darkness coming between rays of light and a surface .

Making funny gestures with our arms and legs, playing around, having fun with the silhouette following us on the ground.

Ironic though isn’t it, the dark figure that is connected to our feet, the shadow made by the sun, seems so incredibly distorted and faceless!

I was walking with my two year old granddaughter recently, when she realized her profile on the sand, she became frightened, wanting me to pick her up and rescue her from the scary person that lay in front of her.

As I carried her in my arms, I began to think of how much we are all so intimidated by our shadow, not necessarily the contour that forms when the sun is behind us, but the shadow that looms deep inside of our psyche.

For most of our life we don’t even realize it is there, we are unconsciously unaware of its existence and frankly we don’t care.

Busy with our busy lives, we keep on keeping on, clouded by our constrained behaviours, the vast array of inherited rules and regulations that have a significant influence on how we see the world.

One day though and maybe if you are lucky enough, you will begin to recognize the signs that your Soul has been guiding you to, you will begin to question your existence and hunger for the need to resolve what ails you deep inside.

Soul Work is a process, an extraordinary journey that gifts us spectacular results, but in order to reap the remarkable benefits of this work, we must at some point accept our shadow Self.

Not once, maybe not twice, perhaps there will be several times you will be forced to face what you might call the ‘ugly’ of your Self.

There is a shadow in all of us, there is no escaping, but with moral effort even the darkness can be made into the most brilliant light.

Much love