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Is It Really Depression?

Is It Really Depression?


We come here to suffer, that is the nature of our journey and there is no getting around it. Without our sufferings we would not evolve.

Our Soul chose this life and all of its experiences so that we would find opportunities to become more enlightened. What is an enlightened human being?

The enlightened one has overcome many challenges, not only did this person rise above that which was painfully enduring, they learned from the lesson, which in cause was the very purpose of the difficulty.

We spend a great deal of our life seated in feelings of depression. Depression is a word that society chose to describe someone who has a mental condition, the symptoms include unhappiness, sadness, sorrow and despair.

There isn’t a single one of us that have not felt all of these sentiments at one time or another. Empaths, who are very sensitive individuals will feel these symptoms more profoundly than others, Empaths have an acute sensitively to anything which involves feeling.

Depression is a technological term used to describe a persons mental state of mind, I wonder then, if we as a collective knew more about our Ego and the cunning way in which it locks us into it’s wrath of displeasurable thoughts, would we then choose to tell ourselves ‘I am depressed’?

I believe that we would better equipped to convince ourselves of something very different. Depression is a vague and ill-defined word, one that is communicated with imprecise descriptions and unfortunately there are many a prescription written to mask the pains of it’s manifestation.

If you are engaged in a spiritual path, then you perhaps already know that there are many ups and downs along the way as you trek your journey.

But each time you climb back to the top of the mountain the suffering becomes less and less a focus in your life. I believe the only way to end our suffering is to face what we fear the most.

A stand off with our Ego on more than one occasion will help you do just that.