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Into The Nothing

Into The Nothing


The concept of nothing can be either incredibly frightening or spiritually enlightening, I suppose it depends on how much faith you hold in the Divine.

What I do know about the Nothing, it is a serious place to be, not one to be squandered or taken for granted.

Only the most courageous warriors silently step into the arms of the Nothing, for they have proven themselves a thousand times in the face of battle.

It maybe is asked, ‘what is it all for, the work of the Soul if there is no place of the Nothing at the end of a long and arduous journey’?

The voyage of the Great Undoing is an expedition of the heart with excursions through the most disastrous and damaging terrain one could envision, to travel through the Great Undoing is not for those who faint or who are taunted easily.

When our Soul comes yet again to this earthly plane it knows what it must bear, for the life has already been etched and carved like the signatures scratched in an old stone wall, the inscription of fate is already familiar.

What has been done for centuries, the very behaviours of our Ancestors is under scrutiny there are choices to be made, to carry the bloodline of the patterns we have been born to will for free or stand and oppose, change and undo to find our way to the authentic of who we are.

What stands in our way, what obstacles must we endure to prevent our spiritual progress? The choices we have made this far, the people who have come to pass, every challenge we have faced head-on have all been positioned by the Universe to steer our sails to the Nothing.

As you have stood on the bow of your boat, the point which is most forward what fated decisions have blown through your hair while your vessel is underway?

When the wind blows steadily there is no need for concern, but while hurricane-force gale wind storms through your intuitive feelings only then will your internal strength be equipped to tame the seas to calm.

To search for the Nothing is no easy task and yet it is the voyage planned for us all.

Have you yet to begin to build your ship, the one that will sail you out into the unknown of the Great Undoing, if this is so then I send the most precious energy to you today, an energy that will gift you the courage to take a leap of faith which will grant you your Self. 

Much love and devotion