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Indigo, Starseed, Rainbow and Crystal Children

Indigo, Starseed, Rainbow and Crystal Children


Indigo, Starseed, Rainbow, and Crystal Children

– you are inherently wise and for that reason, you have been told you are an old soul more than once. 

– No matter where you are, you always have a feeling of homesickness. You know what home feels like, but you can’t express it, it just isn’t the home you live in. 

– You have always felt ‘different’, as though you are unique and others can not understand you. You feel divided from the world.

– Your sense of empathy is overwhelming. You have a natural inclination to relate to other people’s struggles.

– Your physical body is an enigma to doctors. It functions differently than everyone else’s and the medical world struggles to understand it. 

– You are incredibly intelligent, but you get bored easily by traditional academics.

– You have psychic experiences, you may have had a paranormal encounter with a ghost or you hear other people’s thoughts, you may have had dreams that become reality.

– You feel as though you have a purpose or a mission to fulfill, but struggle to find what you want to do with your life. 

– you lack the passion or intrigue to truly devote yourself to one area of your life, you misunderstand inspiration, life might feel like a cliche

– The physical limitations of your body often frustrate you.

– You feel as though you should be able to do more but are annoyed by your restrictions. This is because Indigo, Starseeds and the others remember far more freedom in their physical form.

– Your dreams are vivid and exceptional. Often, your dreams seem worldly, as though your mind has created a completely separate universe. 

– Others are often wary of you or feel uncomfortable in your presence. People instinctually know that you are different, but struggle how to tell you why. You may feel isolated within your own family.

– Animals trust you and are naturally drawn to you. You understand them and they understand you. 

– Babies and small children may be able to communicate with you in unusual ways, they are drawn to you and seem mesmerized in your presence.

– You are drawn to spirituality and have a deep understanding that spirituality has always been an intrinsic part of you.

– You are drawn to anything metaphysical and the outer-worldly. 

– You can feel who people are without them ever saying a word. You see beyond the external facade and instinctually know when they are lying. 

– From a young age, you questioned the ways of society and still feel perplexed as to how others don’t see it’s mistakes.

– You have trouble sleeping

– You have a natural ability to make others feel better. Strangers will often open up about their problems without even realizing it. 

– Peoples first impressions of you if often aloof or cold, however, once they get to know you they consider you to be one of the most loving people they know. 

– You avoid large crowds and find it hard to handle people in large doses. To you, people are overwhelming and their emotions and actions seem chaotic. 

– You have the ability to emotionally or spiritually grow much faster than those around you. Your sense of morality keeps you grounded, even when presented with emotions that are difficult for others to handle.