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Incalculable Worth

Incalculable Worth


There is no place for gold coins and banknotes in the vaulted cellar deep within you.

This master crypt is as secure space you will ever find, something pricelessly valuable indeed is stored in this treasury at a depth within your body that is immeasurable.

Two precious energies so tightly intertwined, there is no space, time or light between them, their value cannot be determined by gold, diamonds or money.

A heart and Soul are beyond price, their worth is inestimable, incalculable, their worth more than a king’s ransom, and yet we humans care least of all for what lies in our vault, we pay no attention to the details of the truth of who we are, the key to unlocking our treasury has long been lost or given away.

How tragic that we do not recognize the profit we unconsciously preserve, without a notice to the usefulness and importance that it beholds for us.

Practicality is a state that hypnotizes every possibility of any proposal that might provide a new convenience to opening the vault that keeps us apart from being used for more than our external human existence.

Some, with courage, may find a way to unlocking and releasing the magical dove before it withers and dies, but others will not, the ancestral beliefs are far too strong and the chains that hold them intact cannot be broken.

For those who close their eyes and with a deep breath soar with faith, a profound new devise will be granted to free the precious energies that have been begging to be released, the door that keeps you from Felicity, bliss, and fulfilment will be abolished forever.

When will the time come for you to recognize that you are more than what you are, you are more than you have been conditioned to believe, especially by sources that have not yet found their own key to the vaults within themselves?

Let the time be now, upon this New Year for you to decide that you are more than you have ever known before.

Because I know you are, I feel it. 

Much love and devotion