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If You Can Master Your Mind, You Can Master Your Life

If You Can Master Your Mind, You Can Master Your Life


Master is a powerful word wouldn’t you agree?

Centuries ago a Master was a man who had people working for him, servants and slaves who bowed to their masters wishes to call him Lord under his command.

Guru’s and spiritual leaders are regarded as masters they are looked upon as teachers tutors of wisdom for pupils who are seeking and perhaps vulnerable.

Are we not meant to be our own Master, are we not equipped with the tools we need to create a peaceful life for yourself?

There is only one obstacle which we must conquer to be our own keeper and it is our Mind.

Even the most intelligent human’s ones with the most academic minds have trouble mastering their lives.

It is not about mental capacity, intelligence or brainpower it has everything to do with how we think.

Our Ego is what enables us humans to suppose and expect and a very large part of what we think about is judgmental.

There must be moments when you catch yourself listening to your minds gossip? To become aware of our thoughts is to become conscious of our Ego.

Consciously becoming aware of the voice in your head is the first step to becoming the master of your life, until such time your Ego wears the britches of power over you.

What you think is not real, what your mind tells you is lies, the hundreds of words that spin around in your head have been inherited from other sources.

When you were young and vulnerable your mind absorbed everyone else’s words directly and indirectly to you like a mop.

Once you truly begin to understand and trust your mind is not who you are you will notice how incredibly keen you become in yielding your own personal power.

Self-empowerment allows us to be the only Master in our life and when you hold this entitlement to your Self there is a freedom and a peacefulness that no one can take from you. 

Much love and devotion