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If They Don’t Value Your Words

If They Don’t Value Your Words


Silence, if they don’t value your words there is no need to respond.

If there is someone who doesn’t get who you are, it is not your work to defend yourself.

You can not make someone become conscious, they themselves must be ready to awaken.

Not everyone is on a Spiritual quest to find the truth of who they are, not everyone is consciously aware there is more to them than their Ego mind.

If you are here reading my posts then you are most very likely conscious enough to know there is more to you than your physical vessel. 

The Soul of who you are has been nudging you for a long time, you have become a seeker of the truth.

Doing the work of our Soul is not easy, but it is what you have come into this life expereience to acheive. 

Practice silence if there are other humans who do not value you in the way you are meant to be valued, there is no need for you to convince other people who you are and what you stand for.