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I Took A Left Turn When I Should Have Gone Right!

I Took A Left Turn When I Should Have Gone Right!


Many a day I’ve wondered what my life would be like if I was able to go back and make some changes.

Someday maybe there will be time travel machines to take us back to circumstances when we made some really significant commitments that changed our lives in a big way.

It’s not that I regret anything I have done or where I have been challenged in my life this far, it’s just easier to see where I took all those wrong turns the Spiritual books write about, how many times I went left instead of going right kind of thing.

That’s life I suppose, a series of left turns to assist us in our evolution. I’ve taken some really good right turns as well, decisions that turned everything around for the better, although those resolutions were the hardest to make for some reason.

All of the left turns I’ve made seem impulsive to me now I know better. But that’s the key, everything we experience which teaches us a difficult lesson, in the end, is meant to help us ‘know better’ for the next time we might be faced with the same scenario.

If the same mis-take is made more than once or even twice rest be assured the Universe will intervene to get your attention, with the hopes you become more conscious of what it is you keep doing that is not in your best interest.

It is so easy to see the mis-take years later, maybe a few of you have said, ‘I wish I had known years ago, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time’!

I suppose it’s one way of looking at things, but if I were you I wouldn’t waste any more time wishing about what you can’t change, you really would be wasting time if you are.

Your life has been a great adventure this far, so many amazing stories to tell, lots of crazy bazaar narratives as well I’m sure.

There is a book to write in each of us, memories and a biography of a day in the life of….Regardless of your ups and downs, your sorrows and your heartaches, your good days and your bad days, life is certainly for us to be living and we must live it well.

Get out your Bucket List today and have a good look at what you wrote and promised your Self, is there stuff you haven’t yet done?

Make plans to do something by the end of this year, yes go out on a limb and take a step closer to accomplishing something meaningful to YOU.

Life is for living after all, wouldn’t you agree?

Much love and devotion