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I Love Astrology


Astrology gives us a blue print of our Natal Birth Chart.

Currently we are in an Eclipse Cycle, this means the moons energy is 10 times more powerful.

Our emotional state of mind may be tested at this time.

It is our sensitivities that allow us to ‘feel’ and be aware of what is out of discord in our life. 

Perhpas you are encountering some family dynamics that are challenging you?

Maybe you are feeling restless about the work you do, are you wanting to shift your career goals?

Astrology gives us glimpses into the details of the cycles we encounter in our life.

Astrology gives us clues as to ‘why we are here’, what are my lessons in this life expereience, why did I reincarnate into this body, mind and spirit?

If you would like a simple Astrology Reading with me, contact me through this website.