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I Keep Telling My Self, I’m Not Enough’

I Keep Telling My Self, I’m Not Enough’


‘I often remind myself that I am not enough’, you might not use this exact phrase, but each time you neglect your Self in any way at all, really what you are telling your Soul is you don’t matter, not as much as you value everyone else around you.

Sensitives, or Empaths rarely believe in who they are, they ‘feel’ it deep down inside, but on the external they don’t allow those internal feels to shine through.

Why? What is it that holds back a beautiful and gifted Soul?

Low self-esteem and low self-worth, these two life effected symptoms can crush even the strongest and healthiest Spirit, to the point of feeling worth-less.

As every Soul does, Empaths come into each incarnation to learn the hardest of lessons, each life experience gets tougher and tougher.

It isn’t until one particular rebirth the Soul pushes hard enough and the Empath becomes aware enough to want to end their suffering, a person or an event comes along to awaken the Sensitive in a way that can no longer be ignored.

Whether it be an illness, a death, or a tragedy of some sort, the Empath awakens inner courage and steps into a spiritual journey, one that will carry them into the abyss of awareness and the light within them Selves.

Perhaps it has been pre-arranged, when this World needs it the most the Spirit of the Empath evolves enough to assist with not only in it’s own evolution, but in the evolution of Earth.

Many Sensitives are awakening NOW, I see it all around me, not only at Annanda, but in my personal life as well.

People I care about are arousing from deep and inactive unconsciousness, and becoming more aware of an alternative existence than they have been programmed to believe.

What about you, are you waking up, are you nourishing your own Soul with enlightened awareness that allows you to travel deep within your psyche?

Don’t doze any longer in this life experience, take a leap of faith and pull your Self from the boundaries and conditionings that have held you trapped in your Mind of confusion, frustration and unhappiness.

Break down the walls of old beliefs and create new ones for your Self, because you are more than worth it.

You ARE enough, despite what your Ego chants to you all too often, you are more than enough, and the World needs you now. 

Much love