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I Have To Stay Away From Human Beings Because Somehow I Am Not One

I Have To Stay Away From Human Beings Because Somehow I Am Not One


What is real to me is an illusion to someone else.

What I myself imagine and conceive may very well be a misconception for you.

The impression I make in this world may only seem a delusional hallucinatory mirage to another, conscious or unconscious it does not matter.

No one knows who I am, there is a locked room inside of me.

I am immune to false consciousness, the collective Ego shrieks in a painful holler that deafens my ears.

This Worlds suffering, sorrow and sadness perform misery on a broken record that plays over and over again collaborating with those whose enemy is only them self.

The only alternative route to the insanity of humankind is the detour and the deviation into the forest.

Distraction is not the enemy only the interruption and intrusion to save the Soul. An intervening period of time like a theatre intermission is only but a pause between the growth and development of what we came to this earth to achieve.

Germination of our spirit is a progress and an expansion of what we think we are, like a seed planted in the soil with great hopes of growing strong and grandiose, maybe if only to feed the hungry.

What limb is holding you afloat only inches away from the dangers of the sphere we are taught is round and not flat at all, or is it a bubble that isolates you from reality?

Solitude is a haven craved by those who seek refuge from the chaos, noise and fog of what we have been taught is the truth of our existence.

I can not sleep at night, my eyes are wide open to the destruction caused by the rapacity, aggressive and selfish desires for wealth and even more disturbing power over all humankind. 

What is the fate of who we are and the earth we inhabit, will our water soon be undrinkable, our air not pure enough to breathe and our soil so polluted it will become barren, infertile and unproductive?

Wake up I shout from the depths of my Soul hoping you will hear me, awaken from the demon spell that keeps you trapped, existing instead of living, we are all to blame.

Fear and trepidation are unpleasant emotions so much so they keep you trapped in the underground of your karma, fight the evil fiend with the mighty force of your spirit and rise to your greatness, isn’t this what you dream for?

I share these words for all of you who at times don’t feel human at all, or perhaps don’t want to be. 

Much love and devotion