‘All you need is love’, isn’t that what legendary John Lennon wrote about in his songs!

So is it, is love all we really need, and if it is how do we truly define it and most of all how do we find it?

The way I feel about it, we are born with a clean slate, we resonate only as pure love when we enter this world.

As a baby we are love.

It isn’t until we begin our life experience that the love we once held in every part of our being, begins to disappear.

Our love fades away with the constant programming we are subjected to.

People, places and things insisting that we think, act and feel a certain way, it isn’t an easy task to keep the love vibe that we once knew, in good standing as we grow up.

This is because the conditioned behaviours we become accustomed to help grow a part of us that persistently reminds us of what we do not love.

This new fragment of our being that begins to emerge is our Ego.

It is steady and unchanging with its information, it chatters to us consistently, all or at least most of what it speaks about is negative, it knows nothing of love.

This part of us that has a way of annoying, disrupting and sabotaging our life, isn’t something that we can surgically remove, there is no quick fix answer or solution.

What we must come to understand is when and how to recognize when it speaks, our task then is to choose whether to believe in it or not.

We must learn how to distinguish its information, and we must differentiate and separate what it wants us to believe what is actually truthful.

It is only when we are able to recognize the voice of our Ego, do we allow ourselves the privilege of choosing whether or not to engage in it’s negative, unloving and opposing attitudes.

What we have in the spiritual toolbox that is readily available to us at all times, is the truth of these two words; ‘I Am’.

For when we remind ourselves that we are in fact a human being born onto this earth with a love inside of us that is a part of the DNA of who we are, will we be able to love again?

Scientifically and otherwise, we are love.

It is only the outside world that scorns this beauty within us.

Love is not easy to define, every soul feels it differently, no two souls love the same.

How do we find love?

This question becomes very easy if you begin to gently and rhythmically embrace the sentiment, ‘I Am’.

Define what these two words mean to you, give it some thought.

I know what they mean to me when I say ‘I Am’, what I’m saying to myself is, I matter, I belong, I exist and I am love. 


May You Find Truth