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How to Quiet a Compulsive Mind

How to Quiet a Compulsive Mind


The enslavement of our mind is a habit we would all love to kick, but how, seems to be the illusive question.

There isn’t a hour that goes by that we don’t seem to be stuck in our head, always with discerning thoughts with one motive, to evade us from the truth.

Our mind is constantly trying to weaken us, beat us down and cripple us with lies, one after the other, on and on and on!

A daily ritual with the sole purpose, to keep us locked in our fears. Our mind is meant to disable what we try to build for ourself, dreams turn to mush once our psyche creeps in.

Sabotage is the minds mantra and one that it repeats to itself constantly. Our mind is a soundless and judgmental voice, that can creatively and intellectually reason with us, most often without us even realizing what it is doing.

The lure of its power can be hypnotic and may be compared to that which seduces us and pulls us away from our rationale ways of thinking. Our thoughts are potent with negativity, judgement and damnation, our mind is the control centre of our being.

But there is a way out of this authoritative and commanding way of living. It is never too late. There is a strategic and yet very simple way to disarm your mind away from the constant misery it keeps you in, to a lighter, brighter way of thinking.

‘Change your mind’, you have the power to make that choice, to turn your thoughts from negative to positive. It will take practice and conscious awareness, but it can easily be done.

Creating new habits takes a bit of time and diligence, and changing your mind is no exception to this rule. As soon as you notice that your thoughts have become damaging and you begin to start judging yourself, STOP!

The gift in changing our mind is when you actually begin to notice what you are thinking about. Once you become conscious of your thoughts, you have a handle on your Ego.

And when you have the upper hand on your Ego, everything becomes a game changer. Consciousness is a beautiful thing indeed, awareness and observation, it all goes hand in hand.

Become more keen about being mindful, instead of constantly trying to distract yourself from your thoughts.

‘Change your mind’, and again begin to dream, feel the aliveness that this new awareness is granting you, and notice how enlightened you begin to feel about life.