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How To Get Your Boogie Back!

How To Get Your Boogie Back!


Are you missing that little happy bounce in your step when you walk? The corners of your lips don’t curl up like you would love them to, and you just don’t seem to smile much anymore?

Do you feel like your eyebrows are carrying the weight of the world? If you said yes to one or more of these sentiments, then the problem is you’ve got yourself all tangled up in your Ego.

The Ego doesn’t know a thing about genuine happiness. Sure, it can help us joke, laugh and smile because the Ego can pretend at just about anything, but the truth is if you are living each and every day twisted up in your mind, you won’t feel any authentic boogie vibe in your Soul.

The Ego is a force to contend with—we all know the truth of that—but what if you were able to take small “Ego breaks” throughout the day?

It would be a place to start and perhaps you would become really good at it and it could become your second nature and a real lifesaver! The best times to practise are when you are the most vulnerable, for instance, when you are driving in your car.

When the Ego recognizes where we are vulnerable, it tends to home in with all its tentacles. The next time you are alone and have to drive, try this: sit in the seat and take a minute to get really comfortable, check to make sure your favourite music channel is on, turn up the volume one extra little notch, check your mirrors, and while you are at it, freshen up your lip gloss and run your fingers through your hair to tidy it up, wipe off the seat beside you and dust off the dash board, check to see if you are sitting up nice and tall, and most of all, smile at yourself in the rear-view mirror.

Congratulations, you just took a much-needed break from your Ego. Not only did you get a “mind-free minute,” you also showed your Ego who’s boss!

Now keep that awesome vibe that you have just created going and start gently swaying to your favourite tunes. You can be the boss of just about anything in the reality of your outside world, and everyone knows there is a little bite to you. But you can be the Chief Executive Officer, the President and the manager of your Ego as well—you can be in charge and be the boss of what you feel; it is up to you.

Changing our mind about any situation isn’t easy, but it is just like anything else: if you begin to practise, you will become really good at it.

Start today because more than anything else, you deserve to have your boogie back!