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How Are You Doing On Your Spiritual Path?

How Are You Doing On Your Spiritual Path?


Here are some signs you are progressing well on your spiritual path. 

There are so many wonderful attributes which occur when you surrender yourself to the momentum of the Universe, which you may also refer to as your Higher Power, your Soul or your superconsciousness. 
It is only our Ego which has the significant influence on how much we constrain and control our self in our life, it is only when we decide to become aware of what effect our mind has on our daily life are we able to adjust and soften into the voice of our intuition.  

When Veracity Works

Buddha said, “when things work, it is because truth works.” When your life is less filled with drama and chaos and you are feeling more at peace, then you are touching on the sincerity of your intuitive nature.

In touch With Actuality

A sign of progress is when you actually stop realizing life is supposed to be certain ways and you accept it on the Universes’ terms, it’s more of a surrender feeling inside than anything else. 

The Quality Of Being Honest

We all know having learned from bad experiences, that it does pay to be honest, at all times!

Value integrity and make it a character in yourself you adore. 

Life Is Suffering

There is no escape from suffering when we are truly embracing spirituality. The worse thing to do is resist what we need to feel because our resistance to the pain stands between us and full-on living. 

Make It Easier

It is natural to want to help when you are spiritually happy. When you want to make it easier for someone else in some way (a kind gesture) it is because your heart is expanding, less negative feelings hang around when you are spiritually happy. 

Making A Combination Out Of Love And Loneliness

Even though it may seem absurd, when you progress on the path you feel a deep sense of belonging, combine this with being ok with loneliness and you have grace, two states of grace that are true blessings. 

Standard And Common Turns Into Exceptional

When you suddenly realize you don’t need to be anyone special and you are totally fine with it! When everything that seemed ordinary in the past becomes amazing because you are able to see everything as a gift. Letting humbleness naturally occur inside is like finding a piece of the earth untouched by man. 

Much love and devotion