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Higher Consciousness


We humans have one goal through out our life time.

This goal is the driving force of our Soul, there is never a time when our Soul is not advocating towards this goal. 

Our goal is achieved through the challenges we face along our journey. Some of the difficulties we endure are very difficult, some are less challenging, each time we encounter an obstacle along our Souls path we are being put to a test. 

How we face each challenge has everything to do with how we will evolve. 

Will we face the difficulties in our life with fear or will we trust our intuition to lead the way?

The more we trust our intuitive nature the more we achieve higher consciousness.

With higher consciousness comes an innate connection to our intuition, this relationship we have with our intuition is what keeps us healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Whatever it is you are facing in your life at this present time, think of it only as an exam to excel you into a higher state of conscious being. 

And remember always that you are worthy to be number ONE in your life.