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Healthy Foods


With so much controversy about what foods we should be eating and what foods we should avoid it can get a little confusing.

From what I have read the best way to keep your body healthy especially while you are on a Spiritual journey and you’re trying to keep your energy light and not heavy, is to avoid anything which is dense. 

A lot of people say red meat is heavy, in my case I agree, I don’t eat red meat as a rule, but on a rare occasion I will and I feel the effects of the heaviness for days. 

Most of what I have read says eat what is living, so lots of vegetables and fruit. 

Each of us know our own bodies better than any doctor or dietician, so I eat what I intuitively know my body needs and I stay away from what I know disrupts my digestion. 

Keeping a healthy gut is key, and there are many foods that support this concept.