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Good and Wrong

Good and Wrong


Good and Wrong

As humans, we are meant to undo our wrong behaviours and ultimately transform our goodness out into the world.

Good is represented by trust and honesty, the solid integrity of who we are. Be a good person Buddha said, embrace joy, fearlessness and compassion.

How do we find our way through fear when we have been taught only to be in constant unease and doubt?

Humans are hesitant to listen to the gracious and wise voice within themselves, the likelihood of taking the Souls advise is very small in comparison to the how much of our life belongs to our Ego mind.

It is our life mission to understand the difference between good and wrong not only in our Self but in others as well.

Every challenge, obstacle and hardship which we face as life goes on, has one purpose to show us, and that is how much of our integrity is intact.

Trustworthiness can be a complicated matter, do you honestly trust the voice which speaks to you from the core of your being, or would it be the clamour inside of your head that demands your undivided attention?

There is no escaping the crooked facts, there are humans in our world who will misrepresent themselves.

They think nothing of dishonouring, defaming, and misrepresenting the truth for their own selfish requirements, wrong are these people and so stay clear of their path.

There is no need to condemn those who wish to wastefully squander their life away, the choice is theirs alone and no right-minded person will be skilled enough to change their minds, so leave them be.

Allow your Spirit to focus on that which is morally right for you, for it is in the goodness of what we learn about our Self that allows us to journey with dignity and merit.

There will always be good and wrong in the world we must live, from the beginning of time, we have fought battles against evil beliefs.

However the time has come now for all of us to take our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health more seriously, don’t you agree you are worthy and deserving of your Self-love?

Much love and devotion