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Go Beyond The Surface

Go Beyond The Surface


Our world is ready for a growth spurt wouldn’t you agree?

It is time for the energies of the collective to elevate so we may raise the vibration of the souls that walk this planet, the time has come, we can not carry on this way, for if we do we will surely become extinct.

Whomever this planet earth belongs to they are obviously letting us know our lease is nearly expired and unless as a human race we do not become more conscious of how we are not only destroying each other but how we are also destroying the very resources that keep us alive, our lease will not be renewed and we will be asked to vacate the premises, it is only a matter of time.

Somehow we have been convinced that drugging our children is solving some kind of terrible problem, when in fact the New Children have been sent specifically to assist us in raising our consciousness so we may begin to ‘see’ the reason for our incarnation in this life experience, but even more importantly the very reason we are all here together as a whole on this earth.

You don’t have to be a genius to witness the gluttony and the greed, the unspeakable neglect and the gross negligence we have all come to accept as a normal way of life here on planet earth.

When are we going to wake up, what is it going to take? It is our responsibility to go beyond the surface of our existence, crawl out of your cardboard box, the one that keeps you safe and secure because the fact is nothing in your life do you actually control, what you think you are managing and where your ego has convinced you have command and authority, you, in reality, have none.

The privilege of free will that we all have been granted as a birthright has been seriously misused, so many humans know nothing about their intuitive nature and then they wonder why their life is not satisfying, peaceful and most of all happy!

We live in an age that has become beyond destructive, who is going to make it right for us? We have held those high in authority in charge, what a shame we have given all of our power to people who have manipulated us into believing they really cared.

In actual fact, those in power have been a mirror for us to see what lies on the surface of all of us.

We who are Sensitive and Empathic must recognize now more than ever, if we are going to assist, as we have come here to do, in raising the vibration of our earth then first and foremost we must learn and practice how to be Warriors with the best quality of armour, because it is the humans who are resisting the opportunity to grow and evolve that will fight the hardest.

Do not give up, let this be your mantra, whatever it is you do to bring love into the world know without a doubt it is making a difference, it takes courage to smile in a world full of turmoil. 

Much love and devotion