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Giant Flashlight In The Sky

Giant Flashlight In The Sky


I woke up suddenly this morning, it was 3:30 am, someone was shining a giant flashlight in my face ‘what do you want’ I thought to my self quickly closing my eyes again protecting them from the iridescent glow.

Squinting with one eye open I had another look out my bedroom window, ‘wow look at that moon’ I said softly to myself. A full moon on a clear night is an incredible sight.

As I laid in bed now fully awake I wondered what this moon had to offer my spiritual path, what was the energetic light of this moon trying to highlight in me?

There was something and I felt a message coming through from the opalescent face of the giant flashlight in the sky to give me a clue.

It’s so easy at times to fall away from feeling happy and good inside it’s almost as if something has control of a dimmer switch and the light in us begins to fade to darkness, before we know it we are prisoners to our Ego again.

Quietly and comfortably lying in my bed the message I was receiving became more clear and concise, so here am I writing to share it with you.

It isn’t what we are always doing that defines who we are, it’s what we are not doing. In other words, we humans are far too busy but busy doing what?

Every day we have a list miles long of stuff we need to achieve, take care of, and accomplish, so much so that we are often in a constant state of unconsciousness. Like robots, we seem to always be on ‘auto’ heaven forbid we might step out of our routine for a few minutes.

What do you think would happen if you got off your assembly line of life, would you be afraid everything might fall apart?

Fear is Ego, Ego doesn’t have much of a connection with fun or adventure, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

My message this morning from that giant flashlight in the sky is to tell you it’s time you put away your robot mind and engage in an activity that will bring joy rising to your Soul, it doesn’t have to be anything lavish or outlandish, just a walk on the beach, put your feet in the water.

There is nothing more soothing during the energy of a full moon than being close to water. 

Much love and devotion